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To Hakuba by Bus

The bus is the cheapest way to travel in Japan and it's a nice way to see the country side. But if have a big body or really long legs it may not be the most comfortable.Some times the bus can be slowed by heavy traffic and snow. But if you're not in a hurry and want to take in the scenery this could be the best mode of transport for you.Also if you go to a Japanese travel center you can find buses that will take you directly to the ski field of your choice.

From Shinjuku (Tokyo)

From Shinjuku (Tokyo) Go to the Shinjuku west exit and go to the street level. If you go towards the Keio department store and look across the street you will see the keio bus station. There will be a ticket office and a lounge downstairs. The buses leave regularly, but check for times just to be sure. All the buses from here should go direct to Hakuba.

From Nagoya Station

From Nagoya Station Buses are available from Nagoya station to Mastumoto station. From Matsumoto you will need to take the JR Oito train line to Hakuba.

From Osaka and Kyoto

From Osaka and Kyoto You will need to take a bus from either Osaka or Kyoto bus stations, the buses will go to Matsumoto. From Matsumoto you will need to take the JR Oito train line to Hakuba.

From Nagano

From Nagano When you arrive at Nagano station you will need to go to the East (Higashi) exit and bus stop number 6. From there you can catch a bus that leaves for Hakuba. The buses run about once an hour. If you're catching a late train to Nagano be warned that the last bus leaves for Hakuba around 8pm, so if you arrive after that you will either have to get a taxi or spend the night in Nagano city.

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