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Golden week(2nd ~ 5th of May) 1,000yen extra
Obon holiday (7th~15th of August) 1,000yen extra

Infant(Under 3 years)- Free (Sharing Bed& meals)
* Child(3 ~ 5 Years) - Basic 2,000yen, Meal 1,500yen, Bed 1,000yen If your child doesn't need their own bed or their own meal we will subtract the above price from your bill. Please note that you must let us know in advance if you don't need any of the above mentioned.

☆ Check in time is at 3pm and check out is at 10 am.

We provide our guests with bath towels, face towels, onsen towels, toothbrushes and toothpaste. There is shampoo and body soap in all bathrooms as well as in the onsen. Please note that all towels belong to the hotel they are not souvenir's.

☆ Cancellation fees
Over 31 Days in advance・・・・・・・Free
31~8 Days in advance・・・・・・・・30%
7 ~0 Days in advance ・・・・・・・・100%
Please note that cancellation fees for New years, Golden week and Obon are different to those above.
31~14Days in advance(80%), 14~0 Days in advance(100%), 1~0 Days in advance(100%)

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